Company Information

Yamazen began in 1947 in the machine tools trade and is a specialized global trading company with a strong focus in the distribution of machine tools and other industrial and engineering equipment.

Yamazen supports its products with extensive manufacturing and logistics expertise to maximize positive impact on the operations of its customers.

Yamazen has strong business and cultural ties to the companies that build the equipment it distributes. These relationships ensure ample access to the machinery, parts and information Yamazen needs to support its customers around the world with the most advanced solutions and responsive service.

Yamazen is listed in the first section of the Tokyo and Osaka stock exchanges. Major product categories include Machine Tools, Industrial Machinery, Forming & Fabricating Machine Tools, Industrial & Engineering Equipment, PCB Fabricating, Assembly and Inspection Equipment and Industrial Tools.

Yamazen Machinery & Tools India Private Limited was established as a subsidiary of Yamazen corporation in 2006. Since then, we have been extending proactive marketing in India

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Corporate philosophy

Management philosophy
Self-reliant employee conduct
Visual identity

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We aim to add value
in the market and

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Yamazen’s history
and latest developments

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Yamazen’s Strength

High Quality and Liable
Products from Japanese Brand
Reasonable Pricing

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Yamazen’s Global Network

Addresses, maps, and telephone
numbers for domestic/overseas
centers and overseas affiliates

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