Leave it to Yamazen, as far as the investment for factory equipment is concerned. At Yamazen, you can always find the strategic “information” to help your business and “partners” who have your production needs in mind.

Yamazen supplies almost all necessary factory equipment, such as machine tools, tool holders, industrial equipment etc.

Yamazen also coordinates, from installation, application, to after sales service and spare parts as your partner for new product development or production improvement.

To realize this, Yamazen has a well organized team of highly trained sales engineers, skilled application and field service engineers. Spare parts are stocked in India for customer support.
The pinpoint accuracy of machinery and the capacity of cutting tools can only be realized by using tool holders which have excellent accuracy and rigidity for holding these cutting tools & hence our offer for such equipment. Yamazen is extending technical services & collaborating with top manufacturers of tool holders, rotary tables & cutting tools who have established success-proven reputations for accuracy and integrity in the world market.
Our borderless global business has experienced continuing growth as a result of our five headquarters and fourteen overseas affiliates.
"Management of Fostering Personnel"
To make active use of personnel, and to foster independent and virtuous employees

"Management of Breaking Through"
To challenge, innovate and create

"Management of Trust"
To respond to the needs and expectations of society and contribute to them


The concept of the corporate logo: The " Y " motief symbolizes a sturdy tree and a beautiful flower. The three diamond shapes atop this represent the manufacturer, distributor, and customer. Collectively, the four symbols personify Yamazen.

A symbol of power, vitality, vigor, liveliness, energy, health, activity.
A symbol of mutual trust, partnership, friendship, magnanimity, assurance, humanity, character, wisedom, fairness.
A symbol of potential, future, creation,exception, growth, vision, advancement, challenge.
A symbol of unity, inteligence, integration.
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